De’Longhi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER Oil Filled Radiator Review

by jamesangelo on November 8, 2010

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De’Longhi Dragon 3 ECC TRF0820ER  Features

  • Pre-assembled castorss
  • Convenient thermostat with frost guard
  • 1.5kW heat output
  • 3 different heat settings
  • Super chimney effect for quick heating
  • Electronic Climate Control
  • 24 hour timer
  • Overheat safety thermostat

Before making the decision to purchase the De’Longhi Dragon 3 Oil Radiator, I was browsing through some reviews by current owners and they all had one problem in common: the noise. Seeing that I was going to use this in a room where noise was not of much concern, I went ahead and bought it anyways. What I found really neat about this radiator was the Electronic Climate Control. It gave me a lot of freedom regarding the temperature and heat settings in the room and I must say I used it to no end. A couple of buttons and the room was warm in no time, which is rather unusual for an oil filled radiator that usually takes a lot longer than a conventional radiator to get to the same temperature.

I cannot speak for the other users but I found the comments on the noise baseless as I didn’t hear anything while it was working, apart from the one time when I was listening closely for any noise. I noticed that there was a strange click as the radiator was heating up but this was negligible and was barely audible.

As with the other radiators in my house, I was worried about the high power consumption of this one and the associated electricity charges but the ECC does wonders when it comes to regulation. I found that it turned off the radiator when the needed temperature was attained and worked only when necessary. The remote control that came with the radiator made me lazier than I already was as it let me control the temperature and heat settings from anywhere while facing it. If only it worked from both sides of the radiator!

The timer is another greatly appreciated addition to the radiator which comes in great use in varying weather. You can set it to turn on the radiator at a specified time and off when you feel you won’t need it. I use it extensively based on when I leave the room and come back again to keep it warm and comfortable for my tastes. Moreover, the timer is for 24 hours so an entire day can be programmed into it. Naturally, the timer can be manually overridden when required.

While the digital electronic control was neat and modern to handle, there were occasions where I found it rather ineffective. For example, I had to set it to 23ºC to get the temperature up and found with a thermometer that it was only 17ºC. I presume this is a fault with the temperature reader in the thermostat but apart from this, everything else about the De’Longhi Dragon 3 Oil Radiator starting with the installation was easy and effective.

De’Longhi Dragon 3 ECC TRD0820ER Oil Filled Radiator Pros & Cons


  • Modern digital electronic control
  • High power for quick heating
  • Remote control for convenience


  • Clicking sound is audible at night and annoying
  • Thermometer in thermostat is unreliable

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